"My work is very personal to me. I improvise and allow myself to loose control and see what happens. Sometimes I knit the chest part not even knowing what the neck part would be like. Knitting is a suprising process for me because when it is finished and sewed it can be more eye-catching than I imagined."

"The human body has the mysteries of perfect proportions. Knitting is an enjoyable reflection of mathematics.During creating a new design, I enjoy this proportions as if it was a mathematic game."

"Each design is the result of interdependence of my imagination, the yarns and my needles. At first, I just imagine a silhouette of a design. Sometimes the character of the yarn directs me and sometimes the abilities of the needles."

"I may knit in a traditional way like grandmothers do.But I don’t like my designs look like "handknit". I mean I feel happier when people ask me "where did you buy this sweater?" rather than "did you knit this sweater by yourself?". To hear this question frequently I do my best to knit my designs too increadibly perfect to be handknit."